10 Best Video Player For Windows You Can Try


Sometimes, we just want to sit on our couch and watch a movie on our desktop or on our laptop. you’re not limited to using just one video player – you may well decide that you want to use a different program for different types of viewing. Also, with the increasing number of new media formats, all free media players are not able to run all popular file formats like MKV, FLV, AVI, MP4, MOV etc. Suddenly question arises in your mind which is the Best Video Player For Windows?. 

Keeping this things mind, we have Listed out some Best Video Player For Windows, you can get these players right away and start enjoying.

This list will help the readers make the right decision when choosing the Best Video Player For Windows; On which they want to watch the movies on. Each video player has a distinct set of features, making them somewhat different than each other.

Best Video Player For Windows

1.VLC Media Player

Best Video Player For Windows
Source: VideoHelp

VLC Media Player is one of the Best Video Player For Windows ever build. Its file format support is not second to anyone; It is available for every stage of the imagery, it is skinnable and provides support for extensions. VLC is one of the best PC media players that can not contain any painful steps. The software also includes various customization options.

It is also used in the streaming media player because of Being an open source media player. This amazing Windows Media Player option gets constant updates and has a large user community. The VLC media player also includes audio and video filters so that you can tinker with the best possible performance. There is also an easy synchronization function that makes audio and video easy to line out of sync.

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2. GOM Player

GOM player
Source: Free Codecs

The Gretech Online Movie Player (GOM Player) goes beyond the basics. Its format is supported outside of the box, it contains 360-degree video but you get a video that can’t be played, is an integrated codec finder. The GOM Player can also track subtitles for video, and handle broken files in other players too.

In the GOM player, You can download many subtitles and enjoy movies and TV shows in your favorite language. You can also link this awesome media player to the PC with a huge database of OpenSubtitles.org. The GOM Player Codec Finder service will allow you to search for the missing codec.

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3. 5KPlayer

5K player

The 5K Player has a very stylish design but does not let you get distracted from the important business of watching the video. The interface is very good and can be easily usable. Effective video format support and 5K Player arranges your media library easily.

Playback of the 5K Player is very smooth and buttery So that it will play any track whatever files you throw it on. The 5Kplayer also has an Airplay feature which allows users to stream media from their Apple devices, while the Air Airing function allows users to use the iPad / iPhone screen on their computer and record the content.

5Kplayer is more about running and managing locally stored videos, though; It also includes an integrated video downloader that works with YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and many other sites. This is definitely not an essential component; but its a good addition that can save you the hassle of setting up a separate program.

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4. DivX Player

DivX Player
Source: www.fmjassoc.com

DivX Player (version 8) is a standalone media player. This player is the successor of the DivX Player (version 6 and 7) and Player (version 5) developed by Project Mayo team, which will later be made DivX.

DivX Player also includes DivX to go as an additional panel when a user drags a video file onto a single icon; A transfer wizard is climb high, which runs through the user in which the video file is converted. The necessary steps required to transfer are compatible through USB or optical discs through their DivX device. DivX Player also comes with advanced features like Trick Play, which lets you easily jump over your favorite scenes. The support of chapter points, you can easily run different scenes.

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5. KMPlayer

KM Player
Source: Softonic

You can use KMPlayer to view DVDs and locally stored videos or view stream content from the Web. The player’s appearance is modern and minimal, and there is support for skins. It’s support and tweaking options are effective, though there is no subtitle search function.

The player handles a wide range of audio, video and subtitle formats and allows one to capture audio, video, and screenshots. This DirectShow provides both internal and external filters with a fully controlled environment of other splitter, decoders, audio/video transformer filters, and renderer connections without tampering with the merit system.

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6. Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media player home cinema
Source: eBay

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a classic media player that has the Best Video Player for Windows in our list. The media player Classic is based on the DirectShow architecture and uses the automatically installed DirectShow decoding filter. Open Source DirectShow Decoding Filter is installed; fast and high-quality decoding of MPEG-4 ASP, H.264, and Flash video formats and available in post processing MPC.

while Supporting a large number of video formats in the form of MPC-HC also supports the TV and used as a DVD device. Unfortunately, the program is only available for Windows, but its video-tweaking options mean that it is very close to VLC.

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7. RealPlayer

Real PLayer
Source: Yalla Group Software

Features of RealPlayer include a video download utility, a web browser, “visualizations” (graphical animations or “light shows” that appear on the screen when playing music), equalizer and video controls (including Crossfade and Gapless playback in RealPlayer Plus), recording audio, CD ripping, and a media converter which allows converting files to a variety of common audio and video formats.

Photo and Video Sharing – users can post videos to Facebook and Twitter directly from the software, as well as share directly with friends and family via email or SMS messages.

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8. ACG Player

ACG Player
Source: AlternativeTo

The ACG player is designed in the brain with a simple UI (user interface), however, it can be adjusted depending on the individual’s needs. Customized panel buttons and various skins are two examples of this flexibility. With most media players, the user can control basic options such as volume, balance, and screen size. It has been used in native C ++ source code and works well with more advanced systems (like Windows 10). This bundle also includes art effects and screensavers.

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9. Pot Player

Pot Player
Source: Linglom.com

Pot Player is another feature-heavy video player for power users, but the software stands out from the rest due to its minimal UI and clutter-free design. PotPlayer contains everything you need for enjoying music and videos. In addition to the media player, it includes a screen recorder (with live streaming), TV receiver and a video editor ;original playback controls, in addition to subtitle tools (renderers, styling, syncing) and design optimization options, you also get some additional features like pixel shader, 3D video mode, 360-degree output, and Online streaming and Blu-ray support.

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10. UM Player

UM PLayer
Source: Softpedia

So, This is the last Media Player we have round up in Best Video Player For Windows and that is “UM Player“. UM Player is an open-source cross-platform multimedia player that aims to fill all your needs; UMPlayer can play any media format including AAC, AC3, ASF, AVI, DIVX, FLV, H.263, Matroska, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, OGG, QT, RealMedia, VOB, Vorbis, WAV, WMA, WMV, XVID as well as Audio CDs, DVDs, (S)VCDs, TV / Radio cards, Youtube videos, SHOUTcast Radio streams and even incomplete or damaged media files. It is equipped with some unique features such as built-in subtitle search, YouTube Player / Recorder, SHOUTcast Radio Player, Skinnable Interface, Optimization Hotkey, Audio / Subtitle Sync, and many other features.

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Wrapping Up

Well, it was our choice for the 10 Best Video Player For Windows. Among all the Ten Media player which one you gonna use for your streaming, watching a movie, and playing music. Did our list prove useful? Give us a feedback in the comment section below, and also tell us which software you download.


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