How to Turn Off Hanged Android Device having Non-Removable Battery

When anything goes wrong with your Android device you first try to switch off the device and turn it on again. Generally, we do this when the device gets hanged and screen stop responding. This generally fixes the problem as Android refreshes the system. Turn Off Hanged Android Device.

But there are some conditions where device even stops responding to the screen. In this type of situation, you can’t turn off the device. Then we simply open the back panel and removes the battery. But nowadays phones generally are coming with the non-removable battery then this way won’t work. Here we came up with a simple but very important article to Turn Off Hanged Android Device even having a non-removable battery.

Turn Off Hanged Android Device

There are three ways to Turn Off Hanged Android Device having Non-Removable Battery:

1. Using the  Power Button:

We all tried by pressing the power button for a longer duration. But when your phone gets hanged you have to press the power button for a longer duration till your phone stars vibrating. For almost 15 seconds to 1 minute. Then your phones get turn-off make sure that you keep your phone idle for 1 to 2 minute and then switch ON.

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2. Volume down + Power  key

When the first way won’t work then you can use the second way that is using volume down and power key. Long press the combination till phone vibrates then phone will turn-off. There are some situations where the phone won’t start by pressing power key then won’t worry.  Long press the power key your phone will restart and will work fine.

3. Volume down + Power  key

This is an alternative for the second option as it depends on the manufacturer of the device. If Volume down  + Power key won’t work try this one it will work for sure. Keep pressing the Volume up + Power key then phone vibrates and turns off and then long press power key to restart.

Here we have shown how to deal with the problem to Turn Off Hanged Android Device having Non-Removable Battery. But if all the above won’t work then wait till the device battery drains out and it automatically gets switch off. Hope you liked the post.

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