The Next Apple Watch won’t need an iPhone for Data: Here’s Why?

Next Apple Watch

Apple is working on a next Apple Watch which will be capable of connecting with network directly without the need of iPhone connectivity and it is expected to be launched at the end of 2017 with the launch of iPhone 8.

The current apple smart watch requires iPhone to be connected wirelessly to make calls, download music etc. the new apple watch which is expected to launch in September will be equipped with LTE chips and will be capable to do certain works without the connection of iPhone.

The LTE chips for the new watch will be manufactured by the which is a great win for intel as earlier Qualcomm is the only sole supplier of chips for apple but both the companies struck in a bitter legal dispute with each other so apple added Intel as a chip manufacturer along with Qualcomm.

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According to the reports AT&T Inc., Verizon Communications Inc., Sprint Corp. and T-Mobile US Inc. are planning to sell this new watch in U.S.

The wearables watch accounts to only a small portion of Apple’s total revenue. Tim Cook, The CEO of said earlier this week that “The smartwatch sale has been increased by a huge margin of 50% in the third quarter”.   According to some research analyst, the apple watch ranks third in the wearable category after Xiomi and Fitbit.

Specifications of Next Apple Watch

Independent data connection -The new apple watch is expected to be self-sufficient to have its own data connection rather than depending on connectivity with iPhone.

Screen– The screen size of the new apple watch is expected to be the same as apple watch 2 so the size will be 1.65 inches. It is also rumoured that the apple is planning for the Micro- LED panels for the new watch which will be capable of saving more power.

Camera– Currently the apple watch 2 doesn’t have the camera option but it might be available in the new smartwatch which means we will be able to make video calls using new apple watch.

Battery life- Apple is not in the mood to increase the battery capacity but can use energy efficient screen helping to reduce power drainage.

Fitness- The new smartwatch is expected to have the ability to connect with the gym equipment directly which can track your health stats.

Price- The price of the apple watch 3 is expected to be somewhat similar to the watch 2 which was approx 370$.

Most importantly now you can use your watch independently without the need of iPhone which means you can go to the gym or on an evening walk without your phone and still able to make calls, downloading music and tracking your fitness.

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