Sony and Google brings together an enhanced audio quality in Android O

Sony and Google brings together an Enhanced Audio Quality in Android O


Google worked with several partners on the new Android O version, one of those is Sony. Apparently, the company partner with Google in demand for bringing “more than 30 feature enhancements and 250 bug fixes”, out of those enhanced audio qualities is one key feature in upcoming Android O, according to Google.

Sony is looking toward making Android a better platform for wireless High-Quality audio, which would reach a most of android users all around the globe.

Sony integrated it’s LDAC audio coding technology in the upcoming Android O.

Sony has taken its LDAC wireless audio coding technology to Android O, which can transfer more data over Bluetooth, an option found on various smartphones. Sony’s LDAC tech is capable of transferring data by rate up to 990kps and it’s already being used into Sony products such as their wireless headphones, speakers, and Xperia phones.

Comparison between LDAC and Conventional SBC technique:

LDAC SBC comparison

In order to use Sony’s LDAC tech in numerous products, other companies would have to pay a licensing fee, but Sony offered this technology to mobile devices at free of cost.

Sony’s LDAC tech operates without downgrading any of the high-resolution audio content and can transfer thrice more data than existing technique, by using it’s optimized packetization.

Apart from enhanced audio capabilities, Android O also advances in device battery life and performance with background limits, as well as new group notification options or making any sort of adjustments in the notification’s behavior.

Moreover, Android O introduces new icons which are easy to adopt and new autofill APIs for apps to store and secure user’s data. The release is intended for developers but it’s quite buggy and unstable experts personally  

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