How to Send an Email in the Future at Scheduled Time

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could send out the email right now and forget about it, but the recipients receive it on his or her birthday? Or imagine that you are in a profession that requires regular updates or follow-ups on the periodic basis and wish to schedule all of it in advance. This is where Boomerang for Gmail is such a handy tool to send an email in the future.

Boomerang for Gmail is a Firefox and Chrome plugin that allows you to take complete control of it. when you send or receives email messages in your Gmail account. Once enabled, you can use Gmail just the way you normally do, but with more control over how and when you send your emails.

Install the Plugin

To enable the Boomerang feature in your Gmail account, just open your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser ( It does not currently work on internet explorer) and visit the Boomerang website. Click on the install boomerang button and simply follow the instructions that you see on your screen.

Log In to your Gmail Account

Once you have completed the installation process, the next time you log in to your Gmail account, the Boomerang feature would be enabled.

Compose an Email and Schedule it later

You can proceed to compose your email just the way you normally would. However, just below the send button, you will see the send later button that can be used to Boomerang the email and send it at a predefined later date and time.  Boomerang allows you a range of time and date option to choose from-you could delay the email by anywhere between an hour to a few months. You could also choose a specific time and date in a future.


Schedule Recurring Message

One of the Boomerang options that I use quite often is to schedule a recurring message to be sent to someone on a periodic basis. This feature is especially useful in case you need to follow up with the team member or a client about the same thing multiple time in periodic intervals. You can do this by simply clicking on the Schedule recurring Message option after clicking on the  Send later button.

Set an Email Reminder

Another situation where boomerang plays a very useful role is when you receive an email that you do not want to deal with at that particular moments, but would like to be reminded again at a later stage

Whenever you open an email, in the top right corner you will see the boomerang button. If you click on it, you will be able to schedule the email to be Boomeranged back to the top of your inbox at the future date and time. You can also configure it such a way that the email will be a boomeranged back to the inbox only if nobody responds to the email.

The same option to boomerang an email to the top of your inbox at a future date and time is also available when you are composing a new email using your Gmail account. Simply enable the Boomerang this message option and select when in the future you want to email to be Boomeranged back to the top of your inbox. As simple as that!


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