Samsung Bixby a New Competitor in Assistant Arena

What is Samsung Bixby? Here’s you Need to Know Everything about Bixby.

Samsung Bixby
Samsung Bixby a new launch by South-Korean Giant

Samsung Bixby a new member in the Family of Personal Digital Assistant is likely to give a tough competition to its rivals. Bixby was introduced during the unveiling of Galaxy S8 and S8+ Smartphones. South Korean Tech Giant is ready to compete with the likes of Apple’s – Siri, Amazon’s – Alexa, Google’s Assistant and Microsoft Cortana.

What Bixby does?

The latest personal digital assistant distinguishes itself from its competitors by using voice commands rather than touch to control handsets or applications, factoring in location awareness and image recognition techniques. Bixby scans your phone as well as the Internet on your voice.

The integrated camera function allows users to identify buildings, popular tourist sites, to access their websites and other info simply by snapping a photo.

The photo recognition technology can also help users decode menus in foreign languages in any other language you need, or find places to shop for specific items through photograph you scans.

Samsung showed Bixby was able to rotate a photo, play a video and even send a video over to a television screen. You just need to Click the Bixby button, ask it to do a thing, and then it tries to do that thing.

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How to Access Bixby?

According to the reports, Samsung has given a standard Button for the cost of its Home button.  it’s picking up an all-new button you can use to call upon Bixby from anywhere in your phone. That makes for a bit more reliable of a voice-command trigger than listening for a complex voice, and can save your time in navigating to the Bixby card interface.

Bixby Vision

Vision aspect: It’s essentially an augmented reality camera that can identify objects in real time and then search for them on various services. You can launch it directly in the camera app or from Bixby Home.

More from Bixby

Bixby can do few other things, like setting reminders based on your location, querying on Wolfram Alpha. So we have to wait for some more time to find the distinction between Bixby and the Google Assistant on the S8. It is going to be interesting to find out more as time goes on.

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